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best magic realism

Fantasy and realism are two important genera f literature writing, with both being poles apart in reality and execution. It can be loosely termed as fiction and non-fiction literacy accomplishments. Each country has its own literal taste and authors belonging to different regions usually highlight their own preferred heritage of language and literature. Japanese fantasy books are one of the best sellers and most demanded piece of art often by younger kids and adults that have interest in fantasy reading. These can be the stories that are constructed in a different imaginary universe with imaginary unreal characters working through the progression of the book. On the other hand, best magic realism is the concept of literature that includes books, short stories, journals, poems, poetry, phrases and novels based on the technique and aspects of magic. This is not fantasy and is mainly constituted by real characters. It can be best explained with strong realistic situations that have moments of magic elements in them.

Japanese fantasy books

Fantasy is simple, understandable, accessible, imaginative, creative and far easy to conclude than complex fictions. Therefore, younger generation are usually fond of fantasies ie fairy tales, cartoon, sketches and heroisms. Japanese fantasy books are based on the concepts of psychological creativity of an author’s man that is helpful for readers to experience an imaginative world created for them. These types of writings are beneficial for growth of human brain as well as to expand the horizon of imagination for kids and adults.

Japanese fantasy books are the light novels that are not critical or extreme in their approach but are a fun read for book lovers. These pieces of art include written context, pictorials, figures and messages etc. These are supernatural in their extent which is sometimes connects to some real life incidents while mostly are entirely non-fiction.

Best magic realism

As the name suggests, magic-based literature is somewhat a part of the fantasized created world by authors or the readers. However, the idea is not completely based on fantasy, the best magic realism blurs between the elements of fantasy and reality. Thus, one can say that real world in the story is influenced with addition of magical spells in the premises.

Many of the mythological stories are considered the best magic realism as it has all the factors of a magical literature. Best magic realism is set in the real world with a touch of fantasy to make it larger than life experience for people going through it. It can be the use of magical casts, unreal characters, dark humor, magical premises and time distortion in the story.


Japanese fantasy books are written by Japanese authors that are able to narrate fantasized stories created in an imaginative world. These are mainly non-fictions and have no connection to the real world. Best magic realism is a different literature that exists between the thin line of fantasy and reality, combining the two to create a magic based writing context.

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