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We all have our favorite blankets that many of us have grown up with and for a child, a favorite blanket can be a comforting accessory, allowing them to curl up with it during bed time and enjoy a sense of comfort and security with it wrapped around their body. Most infants have baby blankets that are either store bought or could be handmade and knitted which work as memorable blankets even after the baby grows up. For a toddler a blanket can be a favorite accessory and a plaything as well. Hence, you might want to spend some more time getting your toddler a special blanket that he or she will love.

Factors to consider

Even though there are different kinds of baby blankets available in most baby stores, ensure that you check the size of childrens quilts when purchasing blanket for a toddler. If the length and width is not adequate or larger than what a baby requires, it might become small for your toddler too soon. Hence, you want to choose a blanket of a size that would wrap up your toddler completely and be light enough to allow your toddler to move it around.

Borders and toy features

Many baby quilts come with interesting borders, embroideries and patterns and the same applies for toddler blankets as well. As your toddler has more curiosity to play with his or her blanket, you might opt for a design that has a stuffed toy feature at one end. Such designs are available in many baby care stores; there can be interesting themed blankets or raised patterns created on such accessories which will interest your toddler to play with it. Such blankets take on the role of a plaything as well as a warm and protective cover.

Materials to consider

Blankets for babies or toddlers need special consideration when it comes to the material they are made of. Usually an organic cotton or flannel is a good choice as such; natural fabric is known to be most suitable for baby skin. Flannel blankets provide the right balance of warmth and softness which make them ideal for kids. You will also find stuffed blankets that come in interesting quilted form. Ensure that you do not compromise on the blanket material when you are looking at interesting patterns and designs among toddler blankets.There are several stores online that sell certified baby products such as bedding accessories. With certified organic products on display in such stores, it becomes an easy choice to make such purchases.

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