Creations Done With Paper

Paper has been around for thousands of years, from papyrus in Egypt to recycled paper manufactured in current day and age. And through these years people have started to earn that paper is certainly not just for being written on, to simply put. There are uncountable amounts of activities that could be done by paper and it would be safe to say that each and one of these bits of creativity results in a beautiful result. Current day and age, people are slowly decreasing the amount of paper they use as they are now starting to use computers for their writing task, which would be why paper arts are now greatly appreciated than ever before.

The Art of Origami

Origami is an activity that is taught to children from the days they just learn to manipulate their little chubby fingers to do simple task. This activity is thought to allow children develop their brains and increase their nervous stimulation, research has also shown that these paper crafts cause stress relief and helps patients with high blood pressure to lower their pressure levels. Origami is where one take a thin piece of paper and goes on to fold this paper to create all sorts of final designs. For instance, one could create little boats, birds and hats out of origami. Each time the end result is of an intricately designed object that is at the same time so easily destroyed as it is made of simple paper.

Fancy Cards for different Events

Christmas Invitations to formal corporate invitations, people have started to embrace this trend that has always been around more openly than ever before. Every person feels special to receive a card that has been addressed to them specifically, it feel great to know that someone put in a lot of effort to make sure that this card ended up in your post box or even in your hand. Designing and printing cards has now taken over a large percentage proportion of paper works, along with the mainstream production of newspapers.

Paper Marché

Paper Marché is the art of soaking paper in water and letting the entire thing become a big gloopy mixture which then could be mixed and kneaded to produce creative inventions. An example scenario would be, children making the paper Marché mixture by mixing a little glue with water and then soaking newspapers in this afterwards going to apply this glue-newspaper on to an inflated balloon. This will be allowed to then air-dry, the balloon will be popped and removed and then a lovely bowl made of paper will be left behind for the creator.