It’s Time For Luxury Watches

Today, one of the symbols most closely associated with the high powered executive is the luxury wrist watch, such as Burberry watches or other luxury watch brands. Among more old fashioned people in certain Western cultures, a wrist watch is among the few items of jewellery, along with a wedding ring, that they would consider it usual for a man to wear. However, it was not until the second decade of the twentieth century that it became popular or usual for a man to wear a wrist watch. Prior to that time they were thought of as being excessively dainty and fragile to be suitable for the rigidly defined constructions of masculinity that werepresent in the Victorian and early Edwardian eras. Instead, pocket watches were the preferred time piece of the upper class men rich enough to be able to afford them. Of course, with many of the working class population at that time struggling to barely subside, the proportion of people in general owning watches was much lower than it is in the present day. Click here for more information about G-shock watches. 

The popular opinion of the wrist watch first began to change in response to the first World War, orthe Great War, as it was then known as at the time. It was necessary for soldiers fighting in the trenches to be able to tell the time, and to this end the British War Department issued tens of thousands of wrist watches to soldiers fighting for the British Army. At first these were just pocket watches attached to a wrist strap, but more sturdy and hard wearing wrist watches specifically designed as such were used later on. Although these were not quite a Diesel watches Australia online, they were sufficient to popularise the wrist watch as a unisex item of jewellery by the end of the first World War in the nineteen twenties.

Today, purchasing a watch from a luxury watch brand such as Marc Jacobs watches is an extremely popular way to communicate status for people who can afford to do so. The growth of online shopping over the Internet now means that it is now possible to obtain some truly incredible deals on discount luxury watches, making it possible for more people to acquire these stylish accessories for less. In Australia between the years 2010 and 2012, the rate of growth of sales in the luxury watch sector was at an incredible twenty five per cent, which was still lower than the world rate, which was hovering in the mid to high thirties in year on year growth. Despite the myriad other methods that we are now able to use to check the time, the appeal of the watch in terms of aesthetics, fashion, and style remains stronger than it has ever been before, and many people are still buying luxury watches for this reason.