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Most regular smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes and that is actually a good thing. Conventional cigarettes are made with tobacco and we basically burn tobacco to get nicotine. But these cigarettes emit other fumes like carbon monoxide and these are harmful to humans. Also, we cannot change or regulate the nicotine level in regular smokes. E-cigs are the perfect solution for these matters. They only contain nicotine and you can control the amount of nicotine you want. If you are trying to quit smoking, you can use these cigarettes to slowly reduce the nicotine level and eventually reach zero level. Also they don’t contain any harmful substance in their smoke. Other than these obvious pros there are heaps of other advantages and some of them are as follows.


These electronic devices do not involve any combustion in their component. Instead, they use a simple heating process in the atomizer to give you a unique feeling of smoking. Since there is no combustion like your regular cigarettes, these are very secure. When you use conventional cigars or cigarettes you have to have a lighter with you and to be honest, those lighters can be hazardous at times. Also, when you dispose your conventional or regular cigarette after smoking, it is quite dangerous. When you use the best vaporizer in Australia you don’t have to worry about any of those reasons.

No ashtrays!

This is also another obvious advantage and it is very important as well. When you smoke regular cigarettes you have to have an ashtray to collect ash and it is very impolite to throw away your cigarette ash. Some countries have strict regulations about this. If you use an e-cig, you don’t have to worry about ash at all. Because as we all know, they do not create any ash!


One of the major con in regular tobacco cigarettes is their foul and smoky odor. Since we burn tobacco, they emit this annoyingly smelly odor and it leaves a very bad impression of you among non-smokers. Answer for this is e-cigs and you can smoke without having any odor around you. Also, you can choose a minty vaping liquid to get a good smell, if you like. You can choose and buy ejuice online and there are amazing flavored liquids available in market. When you use an e-cig or a vaporizer both you and the people around you are safe and most importantly, people around you will not be annoyed. If you are a medium or a heavy smoker, you should consider using these electronic ones and it will change your life, indeed.

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