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Owning a smartphone comes with its drawbacks, one of them being that you will eventually encounter problems, often just minor issues. Though you may get a warranty with the phone when purchasing it, some of the problems can be fixed by yourself without the need to hand it in for repairs. Here are a few problems that may come up with your smartphone and how you can fix them.

Battery draining too quickly
This is a frequently occurring problem that you will experience with your smartphone. One of the most common causes for this problem is due to software issues. You should check the background apps of your phone to see if there are any that are draining your battery. Another reason could be the charger that you are using. If you are using a different cable to the one that came with your phone, then you should switch to a high-quality product such as anker lightning cable, if you are using an iPhone. If you are charging the device using a laptop or car charger, then try charging it using AC current every occasionally, as it may be a lot better for your phone battery.

Scratched screen
This is a problem that you may experience with older phone models as most phones nowadays will come with scratch resistant screens that are almost impossible to scratch. One way to protect the phone screen would be to get a screen protector that you can paste on the screen. There are two main types, the plastic screen guards which offers basic protection, or the tempered glass protector which offers protection from cracking as well. You should go with whichever you feel the necessity as they both have their benefits and drawbacks as well.

Audio quality not up to par
If you find that your phone audio quality has dropped, then this could be an issue with the phone speakers. If you are looking for an alternative to getting it replaced, you could just opt for a set of portable speakers, which will let you listen to all your favorite audio tracks, wirelessly. The drawback is that these will have to be charged as well, so you may want to purchase a battery bank such as the ravpower portable charger. This way you can charge both your phone as well as the speakers.
This guide should give you some useful tips into solving frequently occurring phone issues. If resolving the issue requires that you purchase additional hardware, it is always better to invest in a better-quality product rather than going for one that is cheap.

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